Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Is a Good Step Towards Becoming a Pharmacist

Due to increasing healthcare demands the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing and changing. In the past, it was not necessary for pharmacy technicians to obtain any type of certification. However, because it is becoming significantly more competitive in obtaining industry related jobs, certification has been one way potential pharmacy techs can stand out from the other job applicants. In addition, many certified pharmacy techs are finding that their jobs are excellent stepping-stones towards becoming a pharmacist.

Pharmacy tech education programs usually require an individual to attend six months to two years of educational training. These programs are offered through a variety of organizations, like vocational schools, community colleges, hospitals, and even the military. A good pharmacy tech educational program will have areas of study that include:

- Medical and Pharmaceutical Terminology
- Pharmacy Record Keeping
- Pharmaceutical Calculations
- Pharmacy Law and Ethics

Pharmacy Technician Salary Advice

Several factors, such as the level of qualification, the area in the US where the job is based, and the type of industry all determine the rate at which a pharmacy technician salary is set. But the salary rate is not the only thing you should consider when choosing between which jobs to accept; the additional benefits that a particular job can offer are quite crucial too. Take heed, for a pharmacy technician salary can also include additional benefits that the technician can take advantage of. However, these additional benefits are not standard and may vary depending on the employer.

Aside from their regular pay, benefits might include paid leaves, health care, and even a retirement plan. A share in company profits, sales commissions, and performance bonuses are just some more examples of additional benefits. Of course, these benefits still depend on the decision of the employer. If you're hired in an entry level-position, expect to take home an annual compensation of $28,500- that's according to government reports. If you stay on the job for three consecutive years, your salary may increase up to $32,000. Larger institutions, though, can pay their hardworking pharmacy technicians in an entry-level position as high as $38,000 in annual pay.

If you have pharmacy technician certification, you will most likely receive a little better pay than non-certified pharmacy technicians. This is an advantage if you are considering taking one. But in some instances, a certification may not make a huge difference. On the prerogative of the pharmacist, increases in pharmacy tech salary may be given on a yearly basis only.

Pharmacy Technician Salary and Earning

More serious diseases have been discovered within the most recent years. The medical industry is currently investing its efforts into trying to create new medicines that will help extend the life expectancy of all human beings. This challenging campaign is calling for more health care providers. Some leading health care consultants are predicting that thousands of more pharmacies will be built in order to satisfy this demand.

An increasing demand for health care employees will lead to a sharp creation of more pharmacy tech jobs. This special demand will have a noticeable effect on how much money pharmacy techs will earn each year. The salary in this field is expected to increase dramatically.

The responsibility of a pharmacy tech revolves around assisting pharmacists in maintaining the prescription details of patients that visit the pharmacy. The tech must review all records intensely. This is critical since pharmacists cannot make the error of giving the incorrect medicine to customers. Techs also have the duty of handling sales transactions and talking to customers over the phone. This job is only designed for those that are comfortable with working in a busy environment.

There are several niches in the medical industry that requires the presence of an experienced pharmacy technician. Hospitals, retail stores, and doctor offices employ technicians for their needed services. Large hospitals and popular retail chain stores are known to provide exceptional technicians with an opportunity to have a great salary.

Online Pharmacy Technician Degree Programs

Pharmacies are incredibly busy on a regular basis as many Americans need prescriptions filled. Work can pile up quickly and many times it is too much for pharmacists to handle by themselves, hence the need for work relief from a pharmacy technician. Online degree programs are provided by a number of schools to teach students how to perform specific duties inside the workplace.

To fully understand what a pharmacy technician does students need to know what pharmacists do.

    * Pharmacists work with patients and their doctors by providing extensive information on prescriptions.
    * Once a plan is set for a particular patient then a pharmacist mixes specific ingredients in the correct dosage to make a prescription. This process is known as compounding.
    * A pharmacy technician provides assistance by working with patients, blending ingredients, and giving out medications. Other areas of work include working directly with insurance companies and performing basic administrative duties.

Pharmacy Technician Training at a Glance

If you want to have a long and prosperous career in pharmacy, you should attend a good school with a great pharmacy technician training program. When looking for a great training program, one place to start your research is at your local community college. Attending a local community college will teach you the core fundamentals of starting a great career in pharmacy.

In the first year of your pharmacy technician training, many students learn the basics that many health care professionals are taught. You are taught fundamentals such as medical terminology, basic and complex word problem solving, basic drug pronunciation, and different drug interactions. Some programs go a little further and get into the chemical makeup of the many drugs that are manufactured on a regular basis. This may seem like a lot to the new incoming student, but these are essential attributes that one must absorb to become successful when choosing this particular career choice.

Although it may seem like a lot of math and science from the outside looking in, most pharmacy technician training programs that are taught in an actual college setting also require prerequisites before a student is even accepted into the program. For example a student must have a certain level of math skills coming into the program. Many require you to have a certain number of years of chemistry and biology. Along with these courses, they may require you to have courses such as keyboarding, sociology, economics, and other courses that may strengthen and enhance your communication skills.

Pharmacy Technician Schools - What's the Best Place For You? - What's the Best Place For You?

The main responsibility of a pharmacy technician is to help licensed pharmacists fill out prescription requests that come from hospitals, physicians, nurses, and from patients themselves. This task includes retrieving prescription orders, counting, measuring, weighing and pouring medications, mixing medications, selecting proper prescription containers, and creating prescription labels. Afterwards, a licensed pharmacist checks the completed prescription before it is given to the patient.

Aside from filling out prescriptions, the technician assists in the pharmacy's day-to-day operations and performs non-medication-related functions, such as preparing insurance claim forms, maintaining files, attending to cash register transactions, taking inventory of over-the-counter medications and taking calls.

Pharmacy technicians need to have proper training for the job. Aspiring technicians have to enroll in and complete pharmacy technician training courses. There are schools that offer associate-level degrees; others offer certificates and diplomas for degree holders who wish to be employed as technicians. The best training opportunity they can get comes from on-the-job training in pharmacies or within the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacy Tech Training Programs


Technicians work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, helping them fulfill prescriptions. The technician is a bit of a "jack of all trades." He or she will perform numerous tasks, including preparing, compounding and dispensing medications, taking medication orders and accepting payments from customers. All drugs are checked before they are sold by the licensed pharmacist on-staff, but the tech has a major role to play in the process. In short, they take care of (to a large degree) a pharmacy's operational management duties. Individuals that want to become a technician may want to consider enrolling in pharmacy tech training programs.

The vast majority of pharmacy techs (75%) work in retail pharmacies. These types of pharmacies can be found independently, inside grocery stores and drug store chains. A smaller percentage (16%), work in hospitals. The U.S. Government, online pharmacies, wholesalers, clinics and mail order facilities, hire the remaining pharmacy techs.

Required Degrees or Certifications

The educational and certification requirements will differ from state to state and from facility to facility. There are no federal guidelines and most pharmacies don't have certification and/or educational requirements, though many do prefer to hire those that are certified.

The Top 10 Pharmacy Technician Schools

To be a certified pharmacy technician, you must begin or continue your education in an accredited school/college. Listed below are some of the best pharmacy technician schools that offer different types of class schedules, course content and degrees. Feel free to read their description as some of them offers online education and some offers traditional classes.

National College:
Offers education on campus, its programs covers medical terms, medical administrations and calculation, law and ethics of healthcare and also human relations. It provides a one year diploma program and two year associate degree program with a course in Microsoft Office.

Everest College:
Have an on campus certificate program covering anatomy, physiology, nutrition pharmacy administration and also pharmaceutical calculations. A different edge to this program is it also offers customer service, organizational and computer skills program to give students the extra advantage.

Popular Careers After Graduating From Medical Technician Degree Programs

As with most other sectors, medical procedures and processes are increasingly becoming automated and digitalized. Technical work has become an integral part of medical care and there is greater growth expected in the future. Medical technicians are responsible for the installation, preparation, operation and maintenance of medical machinery and equipment. They have a number of areas of specialization which dictates their career paths. Similar to other medical professionals, the career options available after graduating from medical technician degree programs will align to specific areas of medical care.

Surgical Technicians

This category of medical technicians is involved in providing assistance in the theater. They are responsible for preparing the theater equipment and facilities so as to ensure everything is sterile and working as required. They are also at hand during operations in order to provide assistance to the surgeons and also respond to any situation that may need their attention. A surgical technician will need to undergo specialized training for durations that are between one to two years. There are a number of institutions that offer medical technician degree programs which can qualify one as a surgical technician. These programs are offered through regular classes as well as through the online, distance learning option.

Pharmacy Tech Training Programs


Technicians work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, helping them fulfill prescriptions. The technician is a bit of a "jack of all trades." He or she will perform numerous tasks, including preparing, compounding and dispensing medications, taking medication orders and accepting payments from customers. All drugs are checked before they are sold by the licensed pharmacist on-staff, but the tech has a major role to play in the process. In short, they take care of (to a large degree) a pharmacy's operational management duties. Individuals that want to become a technician may want to consider enrolling in pharmacy tech training programs.

The vast majority of pharmacy techs (75%) work in retail pharmacies. These types of pharmacies can be found independently, inside grocery stores and drug store chains. A smaller percentage (16%), work in hospitals. The U.S. Government, online pharmacies, wholesalers, clinics and mail order facilities, hire the remaining pharmacy techs.

Pharmacy Tech - A Job With A Future

Many jobs today are being outsourced to other countries or automated as much as possible so that the job prospects are dwindling in certain careers. Not so in the pharmacy tech field!

Americans are living longer nowadays and so they also have conditions and diseases that require medications in order for them to maintain a quality lifestyle. Diabetes is on the rise and so is high blood pressure... and both of which require ongoing medications.

The basic job of a pharmacy tech is to fill prescriptions while assisting the pharmacist. This can be done in a hospital, in a retail pharmacy or in more of an office environment for one of the fast-growing online drug companies that ship medicines by mail.

Basic inventory management is one of the main job duties of the pharmacy technician. Drugs are received from the manufacturer and these shipments need to be verified and then stocked on the shelves for filling prescriptions.

Pharmacy Schools Entrance Strategies

As with most potential students, knowing where to start can be hard to determine.

One thing you'll want to consider is why you actually wish to become a pharmacist. This is something that will more than likely come up during your school's admission interview. Also, carrying a pharmacy degree opens up a wide variety of option for you later on down the road when it comes to the what you do and what type of environment you wish to work in. Knowing where and how you want to work as a pharmacist is important while pursuing your education to be one, for both yourself and also during the interview.

An overall 3.0 GPA, along with the same in cumulative science, are things you will need to obtain in order to gain admission into most schools. This means not only focusing on your general studies, but specifically ones aimed at your career path.

The earlier you apply, the better the chances that you'll get interviewed. Try to be prepared in advance and know ahead of time as to when the school you are trying to get into will be accepting applications, and when they no longer will be. Know what you'll need to have with you and make sure to have your transcripts, PCAT scores (if needed), personal statements, the required number of recommendation letters, and anything else the school requires for admission.

How to Become a Successful Pharmacy Technician

If you want to opt for a vocation where you can serve patients, tend to their ailments and, at the same time, get involved in the drug industry, what can be more fitting than being a pharmacy technician? Around the country, pharmacies provide medication to people in need. The major role is played by the pharmacists or health professionals who take care of the patient's diseases and their medications. The technicians are generally appointed to lend a helping hand and assist the pharmacists. They provide pharmaceutical care in some cases.

To know how to become a pharmacy tech you should be well aware of the prospects and kind of training required.

Career Prospects
The pharmaceutical industry is a fast growing profession and is expected to grow 32% from the year 2006 to 2016. Pharmacy technicians passing out from genuine institutions are employed in dispensaries or pharmacies. According to surveys, two third of the trainees work in retail pharmacies and drug stores. They work independently or under a retail chain and, sometimes, also in biomedical laboratories. A section of the remaining technicians are appointed in hospitals where they carry out clinical roles and provide medication. Technicians also get involved with the internet pharmacies where they offer counsel and work by mail order. They also serve the Federal Government and tend to warfare patients.

Advantages Of Pharmacy Technician Certification

Are you searching job opportunities in Pharmacy field as a technician? If you are aiming to start your career in Pharmacy sector and appearing for the Pharmacy Technician Certification test to avail better salary and career prospect then, following details will help you in your certification exam preparation:

Certification in the Pharmacy field is also known as PTCB certification, which is offered by PTCB, for assessing the qualities and skills of a technician. The assessment is based on dexterity required in carrying out different pharmacy related functions, for serving and providing effective and safe service to the customers and patients in actual pharmacy settings.

The basic feature of Certification includes, 125 multi choice scoring and 15 non scoring questions. The time allowed for answering all scoring and non scoring questions is 3 hours. Non scoring questions are helpful during future quality test and exams.

The training programs for the Certification test can be availed from different community colleges, schools and trade schools. Even online programs are available for the Certification. The duration of the course is less than a year.

How to Locate a Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Being able to start off in a new job can be a great thing to do. However, your going to want to know how to locate the proper training courses for that job. One job that you will need to search for this information is going to be a pharmacy technician training program. Once you have that training you will be able to start off in this fun and exciting career.

One way that you can locate these is by searching on the web. By looking here you are going to pull up multiple schools to look into. Some of them are going to be web based programs, while others are going to be based on a campus near your home. However, if you want to attend a classroom setting make sure that you are specific to what you are searching for.

Another way to locate them will be by getting information from the local job training schools. These schools can help you get the training that you need and they are generally close to your home so you will not have to travel to far to get that education that you need.

Pharmacy Technician - Higher Education Opportunities

When looking to pursue a career in the field of pharmacy there are more options than just becoming a pharmacist. Students can enroll in an accredited school or college to higher education opportunities for becoming a pharmacy technician. Students can pursue the certificate or associates degree needed to enter the workforce by enrolling with an accredited educational training program.

Pharmacy technicians are trained to work in a number of places like hospitals, health insurance companies, drug stores, grocery stores, and much more. With an accredited degree or certificate program students will train to assist pharmacists in preparing prescriptions, count pills, stock shelves, label bottles, perform administrative duties, and many other related tasks. In order to work in this field students' will need to decide on their desired career path prior to enrolling in a school or college. This will help to decide whether they should earn a certificate or degree.


Students who choose to earn a certificate in pharmacy assisting can do so through various educational training programs. Certificates in this area of the field can be obtained with as little as twelve months of study. Coursework and length of study will vary based o n the chosen educational program of attendance and specific type of employment desired. Students will be required to study a variety of subjects including medical terminology, pharmacy recordkeeping, pharmacy law, pharmaceutical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmaceutical techniques, pharmacy ethics, and many other related areas. With an accredited certificate program students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter into the workforce prepared for their exciting new career.

Top 10 Pharmacy Schools For Pharmacy Certification Training

Have you got that interest in pharmacy? Do you want a pharmacy certification but don't know where to go? Are you lost and at crossroads without directions? Well, it's about time to put your worries to rest and turn that frown upside down because by reading on you would get an idea of the top 10 pharmacy schools.

    * Purdue University. Here you are taught everything from the basics of healthcare right up to hands on task that help you build up your leadership skills.
    * Ohio State University. With regards to the scientific publications and funding, this school was ranked fourth and was in seventh place as the top pharmacy school in the country.
    * University of Cincinnati is one of the first college around as it was established in 1819 . This university stands strong and offers pharmacy related programs such as Master of Science, Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Philosophy.
    * University of California has a wide range of programs available from Doctor of Pharmacy to Doctor of Philosophy

A Few Tips on How to Start a Career As a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician is a solid career choice. Health-care jobs are predicted to steadily grow over the next decade. In fact, labor and industry forecasters all seem to agree that most health-care job numbers will keep increasing over the next decade. The aging baby-boom population reaching their golden years is a major indicator of health-care's upcoming growth. And, pharmacy is tied into health-care at nearly every level, which means that being a pharmacy technician should prove the be a stable career path over both the short and long term. This article talks about some tips and ideas about how to become a pharmacy tech. First, lets talk about what pharmacy technicians do day-to-day?

What Do Pharmacy Techs do?

Pharmacy Technicians have a wide range of duties since they work in a variety of venues. The majority of techs work in retail stores. Other environments include Hospitals, Long-Term Care facilities, Mail-Order pharmacies and Military bases. Insurance companies also hire experienced pharmacy techs to audit paperwork and adjust claims. Most pharmacy technicians work directly with customers / patients under the direction of a pharmacist. They may perform many of the same duties as a Pharmacist and must have a good working knowledge of the pharmacy operations. Besides counting out tablets and ringing up orders, pharmacy technicians also decode prescriptions, enter data into computers, create labels, make and receive phone calls, rotate stock as well as countless other duties.

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

All of us, at some or the other point in our lives, have visited a pharmacy. It could be for buying over the counter medicine for something as innocuous as a headache or getting doctor prescribed drugs for a slightly more serious illness.

Have you ever wondered about the people working at these pharmacies, running around on the orders of the usually bespectacled and somber-looking pharmacists?

These professionals are called pharmacy technicians and their core job is to assist the pharmacists in a bunch of pharmacy-related tasks including helping them prepare prescription medication upon receiving patient or physician requests; interacting with customers; and performing routine administrative tasks. Sounds like something you would like to do? Then read on further to know how to become a pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy techs vs. aides

Although pharmacy tech and pharmacy aides are two separate roles within a pharmaceutical environment, some technicians may be required to perform the duties of an aide as well especially in smaller settings.

Pharmacy Technician Schooling and Training Options

The work completed by a pharmacist is coupled with the needed assistance of a technician. Several schooling options exist for students interested in working inside the pharmacy industry. Students will gain a valuable skill set through one of the available educational programs. Pharmacy technician schooling and training options are available at the certificate and associate's degree levels.

Pharmacy technician's assist pharmacists by administering medication, providing customer service, and conducting clerical work. This general breakdown of job tasks is learned through specific medical study that prepares students to fulfill their roles inside a pharmacy, hospital, nursing home, and more. Students can expect to learn how to assist in the workplace by completing duties that may include:

    * Preparing a prescription by counting, weighing, and sometimes mixing the needed medication.
    * Maintaining patient files and preparing different medical insurance paperwork
    * Clerical work: includes answering phones, operating industry technologies, and receiving prescription requests.

Study to Become a Pharmacy Technician Online

In this day and age, distance learning is possible through the internet. Just like other courses, pharmacy tech programs can now be taken online as they are offered by some educational institutions in online modules. A career in the field of pharmacy is now achievable through online pharmacy technician courses.

The primary task of a pharmacy tech is to prepare medicines for patients as per the instructions of the physicians. Other tasks of pharmacy technicians include assisting pharmacists, administrative and clerical work, as well as interacting with patients and physicians. To be able to acquire all the knowledge and skills needed for this type of career, online pharmacy technician courses can be a great choice.

Even if the pharmacy technician training and education is done online, it is still geared towards objectives that are very similar to the standard classroom or university program. The online course discusses the same topics that are being tackled in the classroom setting.

Online courses for pharmacy tech will be like regular programs that will discuss basic topics such as preparation and distribution of various medicines, interpretation of doctors' orders and prescriptions, core knowledge in pharmaceutical terms as well as how they all connect to the anatomy and physiology of humans and the respective diseases and illnesses that they target.

Pharmacy Technician Requirements

Many pharmacy technicians are trained on the job, however, most employers prefer to hire pharmacy technicians that have had formal training or previous work experience. Pharmacy technician requirements include attention to detail, no prior history of drug related offenses, strong math and reading skills, no felony convictions within the past 5 years, and a high school diploma or GED.

Pharmacy technician training programs are accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). You can find a program directory of all of the accredited programs on their website. There are certified programs in 37 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Top Ranked Pharmacy Schools to Make A Promising Career

If you want to bring some changes in your current career, working as a pharmacy technician would be a better option. With the ever increasing demand of pharmacy technician in the field of healthcare, you won't need to wait to have a job with a handsome salary. But before you can do so, you need to have a degree as a pharmacy technician. A degree from a top ranked school can make your path easier and give you some advantages. If you are not sure about which school to choose, here is a list of some top rated schools from where you can avail your degree.

US Career Institute: This institution is best known for its advanced training system within a very short time. Another advantage that you'll get here is you can complete your course online. This distance learning program is accredited by DETC and is one of the oldest programs in the country. It helps you in both regular program and preparing for the technician certification exam. The duration of the course is four months and you can avail quality education at an affordable price both in classroom and distance learning system.

National College: In National College you'll get the opportunity to attend a diploma program and an associate program. Both of these programs last for 1 year and give you fundamental and core training to make you a well-prepared and knowledgeable pharmacy technician. The course material has been designed in such a way that you get to learn all the basic things regarding pharmacy techniques. There are several campuses of National College throughout the country from which you can choose the suitable one for you.